The club offers a free search facility to members of the public who have had the misfortune to lose a metallic object valuable to them. We also support the Pied Piper Appeal and we hope that if we successfully find your lost object that you would like to make a donation by clicking the image above.

Needles in haystacks

If you need our help please contact us, we will be happy to arrange a search.


Do not disturb possible loss locations

August 2020

Having lost part of a reciprocating mower blade whilst mowing tall grass and being unable to continue, I began walking the Paddock thinking it might be visibly poking out from the cut grass or that I might feel it underfoot.  This proved fruitless and I was left pondering what to do as the broken blade poised a threat to future mowings and, more importantly the blade could not be repaired without the broken section. I then thought what I need is a metal detector or a metal detector enthusiast and began looking on the Internet.  Amongst a myriad of Detector sellers and 'rankers' I found the CHADS Club's Website and submitted a request for help in finding the broken blade section. I received a telephone call almost by return from Andrew Hawkins who offered to try and locate it.  The very next day I met with Andrew and, after calibrating his machine, he commenced searching.  After several hours of detecting and raking aside the cut grass I was delighted when the lost part was located.

I have no hesitation in recommending the service offered by the Club to try and find missing articles.

Ray Parkes
Paddock Owner