Date: 10th Feb 2021

Presenter: Neela Mann

“Neela Mann is a historical geographer who has spent most of her working life in the media having worked in radio, newspaper and book publishing. For the last 13 years of her working life she was the Copyright Editor of an international publisher but is also a published author of articles in magazines such as a series in “Coin Collector” magazine and eleven history books, including “Cheltenham in the Great War”. For the past 17 years Neela has been a Director of Warwick Words History Festival, during which she has interviewed writers such as Alexander McCall Smith, Earl Spencer, Emma Bridgewater and Josceline Dimbleby. On retiring to Cheltenham some 40 odd years after having left, she spends her retirement researching local history and giving talks and historic walks.”

Subject: The Mercers, the Masons and the Mariner.
17th Century tokens of the Cotswolds.

By Neela Mann
©2021 Neela Mann